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January 21, 2020


Local support pours in after successful Kennedy town hall this weekend

WATERTOWN, MA -- Following a successful community town hall in Peabody this past weekend with nearly 150 attendees, Kennedy for Massachusetts today announced a slate of current and former North Shore elected officials endorsing Congressman Joe Kennedy III for U.S. Senate.

Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, Essex County Sheriff Kevin Coppinger, Salem City Council President Bob McCarthy, Salem City Councilor Domingo Dominguez, Salem City Councilor Ty Hapworth, Salem City Councilor Josh Turiel, Peabody City Councilor Tom Gould, Peabody City Councilor Ryan Melville, Peabody City Councilor Tom Rosignoll, Peabody City Councilor Jon Turco, Peabody City Councilor Craig Welton, Peabody School Committee Member Joe Amico, Beverly City Councilor Stacy Ames, former State Representative Mary Grant, and former Salem Mayor Neil Harrington, join Peabody Mayor Bettencourt and Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll in their support.

“I’m humbled by this show of support as we kick off the new year,” said Kennedy. “From the District Attorney’s office to City Council to the School Committee, the local leaders joining my campaign provide critical insight into the priorities, challenges and opportunities that North Shore families face. I am grateful for their support and committed to being an active and engaged partner in the months to come.”

The following North Shore leaders announced their endorsements today:

Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett

"From combating the opioid epidemic to protecting victims of domestic violence, Joe Kennedy has a deep understanding of the tough issues, our systems, and what we must do moving forward to make this state and country safer for everyone. I'm thrilled to support his run and look for to having him as a partner in the U.S. Senate."

Essex County Sheriff Kevin Coppinger

“Congressman Kennedy's interest in the issues facing the residents of Essex County and his willingness to come and listen to their concerns, reflects upon his commitment to finding better solutions to the problems we face today. He has been on the front lines of fighting for better access to combat mental illness and is a strong supporter of innovative ways to battle substance abuse. With a clear understanding of the magnitude of these issues, as well as other concerns affecting our communities, Joe will be a well-informed U.S. Senator devoted to the causes that matter most to the Commonwealth.”

Salem City Council President Bob McCarthy

"Joe Kennedy is the kind of leader that our country and Commonwealth need. Not only is he committed to smart, progressive public policy on everything from housing to infrastructure to climate, he’ll work to ensure seaside communities like Salem continue to grow and thrive.”

Salem City Councilor Domingo Dominguez

"Salem is a great place to live--rich with culture and diversity. To support our working class and immigrant families, we need people like Joe Kennedy fighting for us down in Washington. Joe is present and a leader on the issues that matter most to Salem and other cities and towns across the North Shore and the Commonwealth. I'm proud to endorse his run for U.S. Senate."

Salem City Councilor Ty Hapworth

“Congressman Kennedy knows that for so many towns and cities across Massachusetts, smart growth and planning is key. Many public policy issues are intersectional from housing, to climate change, to transportation. We need an advocate on the federal level that gets our needs and will be a strong, reliable partner to those in local government. I’m confident Joe will be that partner.”

Peabody City Councilor Tom Gould

“Joe understands how important it is to cities like Peabody to encourage small business, grow our downtowns, and support our hardworking families. His leadership in the U.S. Senate will be key to the growth of many of our cities and towns across the Commonwealth, and his strengths ensure we will have a champion on the most pressing issues.”

Peabody City Councilor Ryan Melville

“We need someone in the U.S. Senate that will travel Massachusetts engaging with people and hearing their stories, and then head to Washington to fight with energy and passion for those people. That person will be Joe Kennedy. Joe has proven his commitment to show up, listen to our concerns, and fight tooth and nail for us in Washington. We deserve a leader who will have our backs when things get tough and this moment calls for champions like Congressman Kennedy.”

Peabody City Councilor Tom Rosignoll

"It's crystal clear that Joe is the kind of federal partner local leaders can depend on. From transportation to climate change to education, he is intimately engaged in the impact of federal policy on our cities and towns. I'm proud to endorse him and look forward to working together for Peabody in the years to come."

Peabody City Councilor Jon Turco

“Since the beginning of this race, Joe has highlighted the critical issues that people face everyday across the Commonwealth, including here in Peabody. His passion for increasing access to healthcare, expanding educational opportunities, and leveling the playing field for all is unrivaled. I am proud to endorse him for Senate, because with Joe, we have leader to fight for us on all fronts.”

Peabody City Councilor Craig Welton

“From recognizing the uphill battle our communities face in keeping housing affordable to fighting for the most vulnerable, Congressman Kennedy highlights the critical issues we as a Commonwealth must address. New to the City Council, I look forward to working a lot more with Joe and others as we work every day towards a better North Shore region."

Peabody School Committee Member Joe Amico

“Joe Kennedy has been a strong advocate for bettering our education system here in the state and in the country. From improving access to STEM education, to supporting community colleges to lessening the burden of student loan debt, Joe has been on the frontlines of this issue and I look forward to him continuing that in the U.S. Senate.”

Beverly City Councilor Stacy Ames

"Since the beginning of this race, Congressman Joe Kennedy has made it clear that he will be the ultimate public servant--someone who prioritizes his constituents and fights for them. I’m backing him for U.S. Senate because I know he’ll champion the local businesses, industries and working families that feed our economy here in Beverly and beyond.”

Former State Representative Mary Grant [6th Essex - Beverly]

“I met Congressman Kennedy quite a few years ago and have tracked his work. He naturally connects and understands the positive effect our government can have on our lives. He serves with humility, determination, passion and vision. He is the leader we need at this time.”

Former Salem Mayor Neil Harrington

“Congressman Kennedy works hard to provide Massachusetts with a more inclusive government on every level. Fighting to bring more people into our political process and visiting the communities and populations that need more of a voice, Joe will be a Senator for every single person in Massachusetts. He’s the person we need down in Washington right now.”

The above elected officials join North Shore mayors who previously announced their support for Kennedy:

Peabody Mayor Ted Bettencourt

"Congressman Kennedy has shown himself to be a present and engaged leader here in the Commonwealth. He pays attention to local issues, remains in contact with local leaders, and is a constant presence in our communities. He has demonstrated his willingness to show up whenever and wherever he is needed. With so many feeling frustrated and disparaged by our government, that level of commitment goes a long way. It's what we need here in the Commonwealth and why I'm proud to endorse Congressman Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senate."

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll

"As mayors, our highest priority when it comes to partners in Congress is a leader who is engaged in our communities, and Congressman Kennedy has done that time and time again. Joe has visited our community health centers, our schools, our soup kitchens, and our neighborhoods. He understands that to really take on the challenges we face, elected leaders have to be present, listen to people’s thoughts and experiences, and not be afraid to confront the uncomfortable. I enthusiastically endorse Congressman Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senate because I know he’ll show up for the Commonwealth, take on the tough issues, and fight for those who need it most.”

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