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February 19, 2020


WATERTOWN, MA -- On Tuesday night, WGBH hosted the first public debate between Congressman Joe Kennedy III and Senator Ed Markey in their race for U.S. Senate. For over an hour, the candidates answered questions on policy positions, their campaigns, and what the role of a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts should be.

Kennedy made a clear, passionate case that in a time where so much is on the line, we cannot afford to have a Senator who is anything less than fully engaged. From money in politics to climate change to racial equity, he outlined a progressive policy agenda rooted in his career-long fight for the vulnerable and marginalized.

Kennedy drew praise when he questioned Markey's refusal to limit dark money and sign a "People's Pledge" -- and when he questioned Markey's foreign policy track record; voting for the Iraq War and voting "present" on an Obama resolution to allow military force in Syria.

In the News:

"This is not a swing state and this is not a swing seat," Kennedy said in the one-hour televised debate hosted by WGBH News. He added that "absolutely" Markey, the incumbent, has "been a good senator. The issue is that at this moment ... this is not about finding the right bill and voting the right way." - CNN

“On a matter of war and peace, the senator voted present, and I think that record speaks for itself,” Kennedy said. When Markey argued his request for more details helped bring sunlight to the issue, Kennedy interjected that he found it hard to see voting “present” as “a profile in courage.” - Boston Globe

“He voted for the Iraq war. He voted for it without a sunset provision to say at a certain point you’ve got to come back and justify it,” Kennedy said. “We still have no clarity as to what we’re doing and that is the result of that vote.” - WBZ (AP)

Kennedy...promised to use the job as a bully pulpit. "You have to make sure that you're doing everything that you possibly can to restore power to a Democratic Party so that we can actually advance the causes we care about and protect the people we care about," Kennedy said. - WBUR

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