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February 20, 2020


The “Joe I Know” series features videos highlighting Joe’s personal connections with residents and local leaders across the state

Watertown, MA — On Thursday, Kennedy for Massachusetts launched the second in a series of videos highlighting personal relationships that Congressman Joe Kennedy III has built with residents and local leaders across Massachusetts. The digital video campaign, “Joe I Know,” includes personal testimony from people Joe has worked with to pass legislation, fight with on an issue, or met on the campaign trail.

This video features Chelsea District 5 City Councilor Judith Garcia, the first Honduran American woman to serve on the Chelsea City Council, as well as the youngest current member. Councilor Garcia was first elected to the Council in 2015 when she won 60% of the vote and increased voter turnout by 101%. She is a fierce advocate for her community, dedicating much of her work to public policy aimed at protecting immigrant families in Chelsea, advocating for greater investments in public schools, and working to protect her community from the impacts of climate change.

Councilor Garcia endorsed Kennedy in the first weeks of his campaign and introduced Kennedy at his spanish-language town hall in East Boston earlier this month. In the video, she points to Kennedy’s commitment to communities like Chelsea as her reason for supporting him in this race.

“He is willing to give people a voice,” said Councilor Garcia. “As a Latina, as a millennial and as a proud daughter of an immigrant, I am proud to stand with Joe Kennedy in his run for Senate.”

Posted on February 20, 2020 in Press Releases.