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March 9, 2020


The Markey campaign continues to dodge any commitment to restrict outside money in Senate race

WATERTOWN, MA -- It has been 166 days since Congressman Joe Kennedy III first called on Senator Ed Markey to sign the People’s Pledge. Since then, Senator Markey 1) has refused to sign the Pledge despite having championed the very same pledge in his previous campaigns, and 2) continues to float the idea of an alternative, weaker pledge without providing details on what exactly that would look like to the Kennedy campaign.

Kennedy first called on Senator Markey to sign the People’s Pledge in September, and did so again in a video posted on Twitter just before their first public debate in February. Both times Markey refused to sing the Pledge, and according to January reports, Markey allies have been actively working to set up a Super PAC that would raise $1 million dollars for Markey in this race.

The Markey campaign has since touted an alternative pledge they claim protects “positive” and “progressive” voices in the race. Although Markey continues to mention this “positive pledge” on the campaign trail, the Kennedy campaign has yet to receive a formal proposal or any details outlining what this pledge would look like.

Furthermore, both the Kennedy campaign and the press have continued to press Markey on the legitimacy of a “positive pledge,” and have asked who would decide which voices are positive or not. Congressman Kennedy made it very clear in the last debate that in order to protect our systems in Massachusetts, we cannot allow PAC money to influence our elections -- a tactic used by the Koch Brothers and other conservative groups to stifle progressive voices in elections across the country.

“Dark money is dark money,” Kennedy said. “If we allow outside groups we like to influence our elections, we open the floodgates for other groups too. The People’s Pledge stands against more than negative advertising -- it takes a stand against untraceable and unlimited money in any form.”

Posted on March 9, 2020 in Press Releases.