⚠ We are suspending campaign-related activities in the face of the COVID-19 threat.
March 17, 2020


Jason Furman, Former Obama Economic Chair, will join TONIGHT to discuss Kennedy cash assistance proposal

Watertown, MA — Congressman Joe Kennedy III will host nightly virtual town halls this week regarding COVID-19. The town halls will be broadcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube at 8 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Each town hall will feature special guests joining Joe via phone call -- each with first hand knowledge on the impacts of COVID-19 and how best to ensure safety at this time. On Tuesday night, Kennedy will be joined by Jason Furman, former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) under President Obama, to discuss Kennedy’s recently released cash assistance plan for American families.

“We must make sure that people have the information needed to keep themselves and their families safe,” said Congressman Kennedy. “With these town halls, our hope is to bring in trusted voices from our own communities to ensure people have the tools and information they need to stay safe and healthy in these deeply uncertain times.”

After temporarily suspending political campaign activity on Friday for one week, Kennedy announced he would be hosting a series of virtual town halls in order to keep residents informed on the latest news and prevention guidance. On Sunday, State Representative and ER Physician Jon Santiago joined Kennedy for the first virtual town hall via phone call. Coming off a shift at Boston Medical Center, Dr. Santiago spoke about what he has been seeing in the field and took questions on how best to prevent the spread of the virus.

Virtual Town Hall Schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 17 –– 8 PM

  • Wednesday, March 18 –– 8 PM

  • Thursday, March 19 –– 8 PM

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individual details and special guests for upcoming town halls to follow

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